Recellme 28days A- Free Toner and Serum - A Gift of Nature

This brand is making waves in the beauty community with this anti aging product that can restore skin that we used to have during our 20's. Recellme is a professional anti-aging skin care product which the ingredients are from nature that can help us minimize the use of harmful chemicals in our daily living while making us pretty right?

Product Claims
- has a plenty of tea tree 25,000ppm
- has a patented dermatic AC3, AHA, and PHA ingredient that removes wastes and exfoliation of the skin without irritation
- dual functional cosmetics for whitening and wrinkle improvement that is not sticky.

- The toner is in water form, it smells minty coz of the tea tree oil as the main ingredient. I used it with a cotton pad. It doesn't sting at ALL as opposed of most aha/bha around. It feels very moisturizing my skin texture is like of those toners that applied with patting motion.

This is a "shake well before use" type of skincare product, it has a visible 1/4 part oil and 3/4 water content. The texture is really runny for a serum so, It dripped while I was applying it in my face using the dropper. I would suggest to put in your palm first and pat in the face to avoid product wastage. The scent is also a bit minty, leafy and very natural. It also does not sting at all like their toner.

Final Thoughts

I used this for around two weeks and I noticed that my blackheads on my nose had a smaller appearance. I got some few bumps which I think normal for the "clearing" task of AHA BHA thingy. It didn't progressed as a pimple. My skin feels so soft especially on my cheeks which the after effect of the skin turnover.  The products has a noticeable natural ingredients which is really good. They do not have any overpowering thing that will bother us in layering our skincare routine. This product delivers the nature's gift to our skin.

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