For Feet and Legs Dilemma - Eslena Ultra Care Relaxing Socks

Our feet is the most stressed body part as it carries our whole body weight. The loving twins bring us wherever we want to go, there are days that it was used and abused. It may be a walk or long standing hours for our job, working out or dancing, or as simple as walking at the park. It deserves a lot of care and pampering. Eslena has a product that will answer not just for our foot but for the legs as well. This is the first leg and foot socks that I saw, it is always been foot mask socks. This looks very promising cause there are a lot of face foot and hand mask in the skincare world. I was really excited to use and share my experience with you on how this product will work wonders.

Product claims:

Moisturizing - provides hydration effectively and takes care of dead skin cells with Urea, for slimmer and silky smooth legs
Relaxing Care - Belgium SPA water and Phytoncide complex delivers a true relaxing moment
Natural Ingredient
Maintain smooth and slimmer legs with friendly natural ingredients
Calming and Protecting
Calm down sensitive skins and stay protected from pollution and other irritants

How to use:
Tired and exhausted? Uncomfortable and painful legs! Just 20 mins of your time
After washing your feet and calves, remove the water completely and cut the upper part of the Eslena foot pack along the perforation line. [Just put your feet on a sled or a leg pack like a sock, lift it up to your calf and adjust it so that it sticks well to your skin and fix it with a sticker.

The Eslena Ultra Care Relaxing Socks comes in a box with___ pair of socks in a plastic pack. It is a cotton type of mask which is enclosed by a plastic. It contains a white lotion-like serum and has a sweet minty with a hint of floral scent. The socks is long as it reached my knees.  It has a stick on strap that will let me fit my legs well..

 I walked with and it doesn't fall off because it fits nicely on me. The number one purpose of this mask is RELAXATION right? Definitely! It was so cooling as it feels like your  feet and legs is submerge in an ice cold bath. I love love it. The feeling of coolness is even felt by your whole body not just by my feet and legs plus it is very moisturizing that it still felt in the morning. I will recommend this one after a strenuous day of your feet and legs, it will only take 20 mins. This is a DIY home relaxation reward that we can do to our loving feet and legs. 

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