Sunsilk Naturals Freshness and Hydration (My Long Lost Love)

Sunsilk is one of the top shampoo brands in most household here in the Philippines. The launched their Sunsilk Naural line that focuses on hair hydration. I was able to try two of the variant which is the Coconut Hydration and Watermelon freshness. Ok! Lets get into details

The Sunsilk Naturals Watermelon Freshness gives your hair freshness and volume. Our exclusive formula of watermelon and mint that refreshes and cools your hair, leaving it fresh, volumized, and #PAKWANderful!

As soon that I saw this, i immediately went to the Supermarket to buy. This is my long lost shampoo favorite back in days. Sunsilk had a watermelon scent shampoo which was their summer limited edition when I was a teeny weeny teen. I just cant forget how sweet smelling my hair was. The new watermelon scent lived up to my expectation, it was sooooooo gooood.  The product is a gel-like pink consistency. I haven't seen a clear local shampoo for a long time. It feels minty mild on the head and gain again i really love the scent. Shampooing feels like it was non drying coz I had a few hairfall during wash.

The Sunsilk Naturals Coconut Hydration gives your hair hydration and shine. Their exclusive formula of coconut water infused with vitamins and minerals cleans your hair gently, leaving it hydrated, shiny, and #NaCOCOgigil!

Another variant is the Coconut Hydration, it is also a clear blue color. The scent is a sweet coco bubble gum fresh. I also love his scent. It is not the coconut scent we are accustomed to, coz it smells like a young coco. Washing my hair with it feels like it has some conditioning properties to it.

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