Sun care line for your Preference- Hayejin Vita Mild Sun Care

Hayejin the Korean Skin Care that is a nature derived products brand. I had a nice experience of using their Blessing of Sprout Line and it became a part of my skin care routine. The brand is now expanding and adding new products. Yes, it is still came from the love of nature. I got to try their Vita Mild sun care line -- Sun Milk, Sun Stick, and Pink Sun Cream. Sunscreen is our line of defense on skin aging and dark spots due to the harmful UV rays. I have to admit that I was not consistent in applying this product. This is as important as grooming my loving eyebrows right?

This sunscreen comes in a matte non-coated carton box. The box did not have English description except for the ingredients. I also looked this up at the web, yet no English translation is available as of this writing. Since, I was ecstatic to learn more about this product. I road tested this first before consulting "Manong Google and Ate Papago" two of  my most reliable translator. Sorry if this can have wrong wordings, online translations isn't perfect, I also revised some translation due to some weird stuff that came off. Subject- Object- Verb pattern in Hangul differs from the English Subject - verb - object pattern. That is why translations is also having a hard time.. heheh. I will try to learn Hangul in the near future.

Vita Mild
Pink Sun Cream SPF 50+
Pink tone-up sun cream for UV protection

Pink toned sunscreen that blocks UV rays and make skin lively
Dermatologically tested

-Hypo allergenic UV protection effect with vitamin content
-with daisy and Jeju camellia vitality energy
-smooth and silky lotion type

The product is a very faint pink color, it isn't that color correcting foundation that we are all thinking of. You should not be afraid. You have to look closely to notice that it is pink. It has a mild citrus powdery scent the loving smell of nature. This is a base sunscreen cream that have a whitish coverage, we need to have our favorite foundation on top of this. This is non irritating and didn't hurt my eyes. This is a good make up base that is very light with a high SPF.

Vita Mild
Daily Sun Milk SPF 50+
Mild tone-up sun milk for UV protection

Low irritating sun inorganic sunscreen ingredients gently block UV rays and give vitamins and vitality to skin

- Mild sunscreen UV protection components
-contains vitamin tree fruit extract to give skin vitality
-contains centella asiatica extract and tea tree leaf to help soothe sensitive skin
-soft gel cream type

 It comes in a tube type container. This is a combination of sunscreen and moisturizer. It smells like sweet citrus fruit. This stuff feels and act like moisturizer rather that a typical sunscreen. It was absorbed by my skin well, I really love gel based products. No coverage at all and even white cast. The best thing at all is the absence of rubbery smell of sunscreen after a long day. This is best for daily use coz it can supply our skin moisture needs specially on no make up days.

Vita Mild
Powdery Sun Stick SPF 50+pa++++
Powdery sun stick that is lightly fit on skin for UV protection

Anti UV Triple function whitening, wrinkle improvement, and vitamins with a light powdery finish sun stick

-SF50+ powerful sunscreen effect
-contains super fruit complex with vitamin rich ingredients to give skin life
-a lightweight, smooth, without stickiness

This comes in a cute clear gradient yellow and orange oval twist tube. I applied the product from the tube directly onto my face and it glides well on my skin. The coverage is not matte but it feels powdery and has a glowing finish rather than dewy. I can bring this product at ease, it will fit a small pouch and i will not worry for any leakage coz it is in a stick form. I would love this for a sunscreen touch up especially on the days that I need to stay outdoor and also I can put this on top of my makeup whenever I forgot to apply sunscreen.

Hayejin Vita Milk sunscreen line gave us an option to pick a sunblock for our need. This three will serve our preference such as a base sun screen, gel sunscreen and solid sunscreen. This can help me to be more consistent in putting sunscreen especially on my face since I don't have any reason to skip. Hayejin has a sun care for my need and also for my mood (hahahaha).

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