Let's welcome the Bacteria on my skin (soon+ Probiotics 5.5 balancing emulsion)

It has been discovered that Probiotics can be good for the skin not just for our tummy, it is now been used in the treatment of acne. Good bacteria will fight the bad bacteria for us right? Now, we will try it putting on my skin.

More product claims below

  • Weak acidic double-balancing action

Besides the basic balancing function for oil and moisture level as a lotion, this weak acidic formula in pH 5.5 (+-1.0) balances the skin's acidity to keep it moisturized, soft and healthy.

  • Moisture evaporation control with Squalene

Probiotics Water, Allantoin and red berry peptide help moisture and soothe skin and strengthen the skin barrier at the same time while Squalene, which features effective moisture evaporation control, builds a moisture barrier to provide an intensive treatment effect.

This emulsion comes in a cute pump plastic bottle, it looks clean and fresh. The packaging color reminds me of Yakult. The product inside is white and is totally unscented while the texture is a gel-like consistency.

 It is fast absorbing, I used two pumps since it is nice to layer on the face, I love the non greasy feel about it. It feels light and mild, it did not disturbed my makeup at all during the day.  At night, I used it before my moisturizer or sleeping mask. This emulsion is really great for all skin types and  oily skin will totally love it coz it prevents excess oil production, it will not contribute to the oil mine that we are producing especially during the day. This product is highly recommended to add on our beauty routine. Happy Skin Caring!

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