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It is a cliché that age is just a number, because what is important is how we age and live our life to be happy and to be each other’s happiness. We defy physical aging by proper diet and exercise as a basic step to it. While there are a lot of extras we can do from taking supplements to going to aesthetic clinics. one of the simplest way we can do at home for that physical aging defiance is our skincare routine. 

I would like to introduce grace cosmetics Australia. This is a brand of organically grown aloe Vera based skincare products. i feel like aussie beauty products are underrated in the international market in general. The land down under is the home of a wide range of different types of botanicals, so why not utilize what the nature has gifted. aloe vera is quite a rave this past few years, the beauty industry has innovated this plant vastly. Grace cosmetics has formulated these natural ingredients and used the modern technology for these to be more potent. Aloe vera is the based of their products and they use the freshest aloe that is cold pressed to retain all the good things in it. This wonder plant has proven a lot of moisturizing and healing properties and is generally safe especially for those who have a sensitive skin. I was blessed to try on these products and was excited to share my experience with you.

Infiniti beauty fluids with aha
An advanced daily skin-correcting serum
Fast-acting AHAs and powerful Anti-aging botanicals stimulate the skin by encouraging natural exfoliation and cell renewal.

 For the perfect skin you've been looking for, this resurfacing serum can be worked right up to under the eye to improve skin texture and normalize skin tone, Powerful, anti-aging botanicals, including fruit derived AHAs, slowly dissolve dead skin cells and activate the skin's regeneration process.

Overtime hyperpigmentation is lightened, lines are smoothed away and a radiant glow revealed.

 What to expect
LIGHTENS pigmentation and age spots
RENEWS with a mild peel to reveal softer skin
COMBATS wrinkles and surface lines

AHA is one of the powerful anti aging ingredient because of its exfoliating benefits, as we age, our skin makes it hard to breakdown dead skin cells by itself. This serum aids the regeneration process, thus revealing the new skin. It comes in a nice elegant serum bottle with dropper. It has a standard serum consistency and the scent is woody. I place around 4 drops on my face because I felt like its enough on my face. I gently massaged it in an upward motion avoiding my eye area. I felt a bit of tingling at the side of my nose after application and it dissipates in a few minutes. It is fast absorbing and it has a non-greasy coverage.  On my 4th day of using it, the stinging isn't felt at all and I did not experience any visible peeling. It left my skin supple and fresh.

95% Aloe Hydrating Gel 
Delivers essential hydration. 

For all skin types.  
Ingredients include: Organically grown aloe vera, ribonucleic acid (RNA), citric acid, potassium alum and oils of peppermint, eucalyptus and clove.

Acts as a mini-firming mask
Bioactive ingredients hydration and absorption deep ensure within your skin's surface
Helps control oil and perspiration. Soothes skin irritations, blemishes rashes, sun and wind burn.

Place a small amount in the palm of your hand, then massage into your face with fingertips in an upward and outward motion.
Aloe gel is one the most utilized product of this decade because it has proven a mild yet effective moisturizing and healing properties. This grace cosmetics 95% Aloe Hydrating gel is no exemption to its effectiveness. This comes in a big pump bottle with cover. Although it has runny texture, the product didn't squirts out (nice container huh!). The gel is a white translucent color like the real thing that is in the middle of the aloe leaf. The smell is not the thing I expected, it did not have the generic aloe scent that we all accustomed to. It smells leafy and floral, but it kind of reminds me of the hospital clinic smell in a good way. I pumped around three dollops, massaged and taps it on my skin, it is fully absorb in a matter of seconds. this is really nice if you are in a busy day! No reason to skip skincare on your ways outside right?

Platinum Firming Rejuvenation Mask

 This innovative, multi-action treatment mask powered by cosmeceutical actives lightens, brightens and perfects skin tone and texture. 

This revolutionary mask promotes rapid healing and gives your skin the instant boost you have been looking for. Potent botanicals and trademarked actives lighten the skin, improving elasticity and firmness from the very first application.

 What to expect 
Organic Aloe Vera stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin 
Green Tea antioxidants expel free radicals to brighten and lighten the skin 
Trademarked actives including Gatuline Intense & Glyocolift firm and tone facial contours 
Anti-inflammatory properties promote healing for troubled skin
Lines are softened and skin tone is renewed 

Kaolin Clay &French Green Clay purify, protect and detoxify the skin can be used right up to the eye
A mask for rejuvenation, yes we all aware of using "rejuv" sets is swarming in the local beauty scene.  Rejuvenation is a general term in beauty that means to look fresh and younger. This mask is different from what we are accustomed when hearing rejuvenation sets that most of their pack has cleaning, exfoliation and whitening products. This firming mask is all natural based, the product comes in a tube vessel and color of the product is nude. The texture is a marriage of clay and gel sleeping mask. It was translucent when applied and dries clear on the surface. The scent smells like a combination of make up or skincare products during 90's (I am not a fan of the scent) but I felt like I was transported back to my childhood. I sensed the tightening power as the mask dries up on my face. I removed it using a moist cosmetic sponge. I was really amazed by it's instant lift effect. OMG! This is the first time for me to experience this outcome. My skin looks like it was made up to have a glass skin. I have tried to make a faux glass skin by just using tons of skincare products. The process is long -- cleansing twice, exfoliating, toning, masking, PLUS essence, serum, light moisturizer and rich moisturizer, lastly sunblock to top it all off. This firming rejuvenation mask would let me skip most of the process and achieve this glass skin trend. Going back to their claim to fame, YAUSS. The effectiveness is felt fast in the first application.

Overall thoughts

I think my skin is really was a natural thingy type compatible. I really love the way it clears and firms my skin. Fine lines improved in just less than a month of usage, no breakouts at all. I was able to achieve a glass skin look by just starting of with these products. As this is a cosmeceutical way of approach into beauty, it will give a long term healing effect on our blemishes and wrinkles. This will help us to age gracefully by treating and helping our skin look younger. Revealing the best skin looking forward. Happy skin pampering guys!!

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