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Korean beauty products is a big thing here in our country. We have available Kbrands online and offline. It is really important to know what you are buying that will suit your needs. A new brand that reached our shores is Hayejin Blessing from Nature who offers a natural based skincare products. They claim to be gentle like how the nature take care of us and it was tested through laboratories. 

Lets get into some of their products

Hayejin Blessing of Sprout Radiance Toner

Hypoallergenic radiance toner with radiance capsules containing purity of sprouts help clarify the skin's complexion.

Radiance Capsule - Transparent radiance capsules brighten skin tone.

Sprout Vitality - Nutrients in the sprouts add radiance to the skin.
Mild Daily Care - Mildly and gently manages skin with moisturizing hydration.

Glowing confidence The small, transparent, radiant capsules burst in the toner to help you experience brighter ski. HAYEJIN toner will help dull skin regain its glow.

Usage : After cleansing face, apply a moderate amount on face and neck areas and lightly pat to absorb

This toner has a thick consistency but feels like water as it was absorb by my skin by patting motion. It is very bouncy to touch and silky. The scent is like a mild rain forest spring and it went off easily. Koreans always suggest patting motion as it massages rather than tugging our skin which is also the cause of premature aging. The packaging is also nice, it looks luxurious in your personal beauty counter because it is in a slim frosted bottle.

Hayejin Blessing of Sprout Enriched Serum

A silky serum containing the concentrated nutrients of sprouts that enables flowers to bloom to promote anti-wrinkle care and an improved complexion of lackluster skin.

1. Nutrients of Nelumbo Nucifera (lotus seed) Germ Extract and botanical sprouts provide soothing care while promoting skin health. The pure energy of Nelumbo Nucifera Germ Extract and natural botanical sprouts are quickly absorbed for a smooth skin texture.
2 Intense moisture &nutrient -based brightening care. Fast-acting, yet penetrating moisture and nutrients leave a clear, translucent skin complexion.
3 Anti-wrinkle care. Contains Centella Asiatica Extract and eight types of amino acids for damaged
skin care and boosted resilience to fight against wrinkles while fortifying the skin's protective barrier
Unparalleled brightness
The serums gently and quickly absorb into the skin, allowing you to experience illuminated skin.
For brilliant skin, the HAYEJIN serum will do it all. The HAYEJIN serum is a brightening, anti-wrinkle cosmetic.

After use of toner, use the dropper to prepare a moderate amount
and gently apply to the face, then lightly pat with hands to absorb.

The serum is in a standard cosmetic dropper which I really love that most of the Korean serums are in this container because it avoids spillage. We all know that serums are generally expensive step of most skincare layering. This is a thick variant of serum and has a pearly beige color. I just put a small drop on my face then pat again as the brand suggest. The nice rainforest scent continued in this step. Although it was thick, it is fast absorbing and has a silky finish. This serum is nice under my makeup as it will not alter its coverage.

HAYEJIN Blessing of
Sprout Vitality Cream

Firming cream contains the power of tenacious sprouts that break through the ground to help provide boost in skin resilience.

1. Nutrients of Nelumbo Nucifera (lotus seed) Germ Extract and botanical sprouts provide intense moisturizing and resilience-boosting care The pure energy of Nelumbo Nucifera Germ Extract and natural botanical sprouts are quickly absorbed for restored skin resilience

 2 Moisture care with resurrection plants Ingredients extracted from wild resurrection plants of the desert control the cell moisture YEJI layer, delivering abundant moisture to dry am skin.

 3 Provides skin care with a nature-derived skin barrier Shea Butter, often referred to as a natural skin barrier, and Centella Asiatica Extract a unique ingredient that restores health to damaged skin while boosting its natural resilience, work together to protect fatigued skin from external aggressors.

Incomparable firmness

HAYEJIN cream's firmness, felt with the tip of the finger, gently and finely absorbs into the skin to help improve wrinkles. For firm skin, the HAYEJIN cream will do it all The HAYEJIN cream is a whitening, wrinkle-improving cosmetic.

HOW TO USE After applying the serum, prepare a moderate amount and gently apply over the entire face and down to the neck to absorb.

This comes in a medium size tub but it doesn't come with spatula. It has a thick butter like consistency. Surprisingly, it is also fast absorbing as opposed to my impression that it will be heavy and sticky. A light silky finish was left on my skin and i love touching it.

Overall thoughts

This set has a uniform mild scent, I can describe it as the smell of a rainforest and fresh herb concoction. Light and airy to my sensitive olfactory nerves. It gives off a bouncy soft baby skin, very silky no-shine finish. It feels silky throughout the day with my daily makeup and light during the night. This set is hydrating without the greasy feeling, true to their claim that is it silky, it feels there are really good things inside their products. It doe not have any English translations on packaging, but they have the full details and ingredients in English at their website. I hope that this brand will prosper more, so that they can introduce more products to us. Have a good day!

Thank you!

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