I have been a fan of Korean Cosmetics and skincare long before I became a Kdrama and Kpop fan, when it hit the Philippine soil thru independent online shops. I was sold because most of their products are natural ingredient based while some have that cutesy packaging and my eyes is too weak not to try it on. I was in search for the best skincare back then from US, Japan and local products that would really suit my skin. I am always coming back for Japanese brands back then, until I found Korean alternative of my holy grail products that is cheaper and effective, the saga of my loving relationship with Korean products has started. Fast forward to present, with the wave of Hallyu here in our country, a lot of physical and digital stores also arrived for my advantage for more comfort in shopping. Althea Korea has landed, now, we have direct products from Korea that we can try and will arrive right on our doorstep. This digital store saved us from the stressful shipping cost and customs mediation from our loving haul plus everything here is authentic, no need to be a beauty Sherlock Holmes when ordering.

With the growing trends and practicality in the business, Althea Korea formulated their in-house exclusive products that is based on the needs and wants of their customers in an affordable price. I have tried these products and I am glad to share this to you.

From Althea Exclusive 

Althea Bare Essentials

Contour Cleanser, a rich and foaming cleanser that removes impurities while improving blood circulation for that V-shaped look. It contains micro capsules to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and leaves the skin feeling cool and refreshed too!


Dampen the skin, then squeeze out a small amount and lather onto the face, massaging in circular motions. Rinse off with water after.

This product has a catchy unique name so, what's in it for me? The packaging is in a nice simple tube minimalist clean look which looks good on your beauty counter. This contour cleanser has a rich foam texture, I added a bit of water to foam it up. The scrub beads is in a minute amount that just melts right in my face while rubbing it on my face. It smells like a gentle mint and feels so mild and non abrasive for a daily cleanser. It rinses well and leaving my skin squeaky clean.  I am not sure of the V shape look claims for using it for more that 2 weeks, maybe it can be of help  of our is face massaging technique and that cooling sensation might relax our facial muscles that can minimize face puffiness. 

Cream Mask

AHA BHA Triplex Exfoliating Creamy Milk Bubbles Soft Peeling Mask

Give your skin a big gulp of hydration with the refreshing peeling powers of Althea's Milk Peel Cream Mask! Containing both AHA and BHA extracts, this gentle but effective exfoliator transforms from a clay to a whipped cream lather, whisking away dead skin cells to prevent flakiness. It’s also formulated with casein protein from milk to revitalize and moisturize the skin. The result is radiantly smooth, healthy skin that's bouncy to the touch! 


Dampen the skin and apply an even layer onto the skin, massaging till a rich lather forms. Leave on for 30-60 seconds before rinsing away with warm water.

This comes in a bottle pump which is very sanitary and convenient.

It has a milky foamy thick clay and I love the baby powder light scent of the product which I am addicted to.

It effortlessly glides on my skin, then the magic happens, it thickens and formed tiny bubbles on my face.  It has a fizzing sensation and it feels like an instant micro massage. Let it stay for a minute and it turned into a light clay looking mask. 

I was able to rinse it in a snap, feels pure  and doesn't strip moisture off my skin. Althea is true to their claim of this Milk Peel Cream Mask when they said bouncy to the touch. Yaaaauuuusss it has a bouncy feeling like a baby skin.

Overall, these Korean skincare products delivers well into my skin, I love the scent (I am a mild clean scent freak) and mild products that they formulated. Athea exclusives is an alternative affordable products that you can add into your haul to try.

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