The trend for local independent skincare companies is here to stay and raising it up to a higher ground. Nice packaging, beautiful endorser, great marketing catch etc. There are a lot of product choice around the market that will suit our need. We are now well aware of the proper hygiene and prevention of skin imperfections is a must. Our busy schedule developed internal and external stressors that lead to breakouts and some skin imperfections. Sometimes we need a simple solution to our skin problems. This locally manufactured dermatology brand products that I will review might help you out at the comfort of your home.

Lipid- Free Cleansing Soap 100ml
A mild non-irritating facial cleanser designed for all skin types. is a lipid-free cleansing soap is a mild facial cleanser that is highly moisturising and doesn’t irritate skin. It is especially formulated to suit all skin types.

Work the cleanser into a lather and massage on the face and neck in a circular motion. Rinse with cold water and put dry.

This is a super mild cleanser that is formulated for dry skin and people who are having bad skin conditions. We all know most of the dermatologist around recommend using this kind of soap especially when we are under series of treatments because this does not inhibit stimulants that will further damage our skin. It lathers like milk when rubbed on my face and it is unscented as we expected. It  cleans the skin well and absolutely not drying. It feels like it left my skin a thin film of moisture after rinsing it off. Although sometimes it makes you feel that it was hard to remove.

Facial Biotreatment Essence 100 ml

Gently peels away dead skin cells, leaving lighter, purified skin Soutions Facial Biotreatment Essence is a gentle micro-peeling exfoliant that uses Glycolic extract to clear away dead skin cells and other impurities, whitens skin with Kojic extract, and prevents redness with Hypericum Perforatum  Flower Oil, making the skin looking fresh and bright.

Dab a small amount of solution on cotton and gently apply on face, avoiding the eye area. Safe for daily use, ideally at night. Avoid using during excessive sun exposure or if skin is sunburned.

This product is the BOMB for me. This essence-toner promised to micropeel our skin and promotes whitening. It smells like medicine with a hint of basic kojic soap scent. The product has a faint color orange. Why do I love this product? Because it feels so bouncy to my skin after application, no tingling sensation and no redness. It's moisturizing prowess feels like its sufficient for your day routine. 

Moisturizing Facial Cream (for day and night) 25g
Nourishes skin and keeps it soft and supple

Enriched with Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract Solutions Moisturizing Facial Cream contains aloe vera extract which has healing properties. It keeps the skin moisturized all day, making it soft and supple.


Apply liberally on face and neck, day and night after cleansing to keep skin consistently smooth, hydrated throughout the day.

This facial creme is a simple basic with aloe vera which is popular for healing properties for all skin types. The cream is thick and its a little hard to glide on the face, but it dries up well on my skin. It has a clean scent that made me feel its mild and effective.

Overall, the products are properly labeled and sealed with simple design. There is no visible peeling from the essence, their claim for micropeeling is true. As I have mentioned above that i love their Biotreatment essence, I am also thinking of using it to pat on my skin for the days that I don't want to complete my skin care regimen on my lazy days because i love how it felt on my skin. I did not experience any breakouts or dry patches by using this three products. Solutions might be the solution for your long-term skin problems.

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