Leave me alone ACNE! Products that helped my acne problem.

I have a combination skin type ( T-zone oily). Every time i have my monthly period, pimples, at least 1 or 2 appear on my face specially on the chin. But recently i had this bad breakout! as in BAD! I never had pimples on the cheeks since i was born but the heck. Now i had a lot. This lowers my self esteem as i haven't experienced this kind of breakout before.
Everyday has been a struggle to hide my pimples from the rest of the world. I made sure i remove my makeup and wash my face every night. Put on my moisturizer and sleep well. So, i kept on thinking, What i did wrong? Did i watch too much netflix lately? or maybe ate food that are too oily? Is this Hormonal ? 

Thank God that i got to meet this products that saves my life.
My face today. I have no pimples now. just the dark marks.

 These are the products i used that really helped me a lot to stop this agonizing problem.

Himalaya Herbals: Purifying Neem  face Wash

This face wash helps me a lot in cleaning and clearing my face from excess oils and impurities. It has Neem as ingredients which is has an anti-bacterial properties that kills problem causing bacteria. Combined with Turmeric which controls acne and pimples. I used this only once a day, at night, because i felt like my skin feels a little dry after. So, i made sure to put a moisturizer after.

Available at Watsons Philippines

Snoe Beauty inc : Shoo-zit spot on spot off Daily maintenance acne fading gel

This acne- fighting treatment gel controls breakouts and unclog pores. It helps eliminates surface bacteria and gently exfoliates to control breakouts.

          Ingredients: Crown wood fern- a traditional herbal medicine from Korea that inhibits acne bacteria. This stops the inflammation and acts as anti-oxidant.
                                  Pure white- a natural whitening and brightening agent which is more effective than arbutin in lightening spots.

This gel has a little sting at my first usage but became manageable after a couple of use. I put a pea size amount on my fingers and rub it in the part of my face that has pimples and dark marks. I use this twice a day.

Available at Snoe Beauty inc.

Snoe Beauty inc : Shoo-zit Dip & Dry Acne drying lotion

This is a fast acting, effective acne spot treatment. Formulated with purefix-DC , salicylic acid and calamine which are quick drying ingredients. This will shrink whiteheads and pimples as fast as overnight.

         Ingredients: Waltheria Indica Extract- A flowering plant that will calm, whiten, and brighten pimple marks while fighting off free radicals.

Used this product every night using a cotton buds. This white liquid product really dries up pimples fast.

Available at Snoe beauty inc.

Mediheal : N.M.F aquaring ampoule mask

This mask science incorporates special skin know-how to provide custom solution for individuals based on their skin concerns and renews the skin to look and feel like it has recieved a professional skin management.

Facial wash and pimple care products tend to make the skin dry so we need to feed the skin all the needed moisture we can provide. This mask has been the best mask I've used in the market so far. This mask increases skin elasticity and makes my skin plump after use. I use this mask once or twice a week or when i feel that my skin needed moisture.

Available at Watsons philippines

All the products above works for me in a week and continuously using it to hopefully say goodbye to the dark marks. It is really hard to fight acne. Some others might need extra professional help.  But above it all, we must not ignore acne. Most, including me suffered psychological effect and stress with this nightmare. We must not insult someone suffering from acne because i know they did everything they can to prevent it. 

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Have a nice day!

Hazel Style Witch


  1. I have oily skin to . So everytime malpiy na period ko madami din ako bisita sa feslak ko 😁.. I want to try the himalayan sana Effectivene xa fofor me


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