Finally! i found the BALM!

 I spent the rest of my life looking for that perfect balm that will cure my chapped, dry and flaky lips.
Now, i can finally rest. 

Meet the CLASSIC CARMEX Moisturizing lip balm. (available at watsons and leading department stores)

I have used so many lip balms on the market. International brands and locally made ones. Not to mention the one i made from looking thru diy balms from pinterest.

But i find this balm better that the rest.

The unique formula of the Carmex lip balm helps soothe, moisturize and relieve dry, chapped lips. The main ingredients are petrolatum,lanolin, cetyl esters, theobroma cacao( cocoa), seed butter, beeswax, salicylic acid and menthol. This has become one of  the most loved lip balms with over 130 sold per minute! wow! that's a lot! By the way, that hint of menthol is just so addicting!

What i love about this lip balm is its staying power on my lips. I usually use it overnight after i put on my skin care. I notice a difference after a week of use. My lips feels soft and moisturized thou the flaking is still there. After 2 weeks of using Carmex balm, my chapped lips is almost healed. I also love that on the pot, it is shiny like Vaseline but when applied on the lips it mattifies after a while. But to be honest, i noticed that when i stop using it, after a couple of days, i saw visible flaking again. So i decided to dig in the pot daily. 

To lessen the dryness of my lips, i choose to use lip products that are gentle on the lips. Or if i really need to use matte lip products throughout the day, i made sure to use my  favorite skin potions lip scrub after.

So for those of you whose so tired of looking for that best balm, Try out CARMEX moisturizing lip balm. Might be your lip savior too.

Have a nice day!

Hazel Style Witch


  1. I miss try this one., dry lips ako lalo pag naka air-con

  2. I must try this dry lips ko lalo pag naka air-con


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