Who does'nt love free products? Samples? or products you can try first before you buy? Yes, i know! i'm with you guys. For persons like me who has allergies and has sensitive skin, you must try this! Have you heard of SAMPLE ROOM PH? It is actually a site where you can test a product before you actually buy it. I've heard of it recently and i'm so thankful that i've tried it. I will share with you the process on how you can try Sample Room Ph.

First, you must register to their site and verify your email address. Once verified, you can now Log on to your account. You will see in your account that you have 100 points. You can use that points to checkout a product on the catalog. you can only choose 3 products for shipping and the total of 3 products must be 100 points or less. After that, you can already checkout your purchases and pay for the shipping fee. Mine cost 110 pesos. (manila area). You will recieve an email that your order was confirmed. Make your payment using your chosen payment method and send the payment receipt through email. Once done, wait for them to email you back for your payment confirmation. They will also email you when it was shipped. You'll just have to wait for a couple of days to receive your products.

Once you received your products, give it atleast a week of use before you make a review.
In reviewing your products, you just have to be honest. Never use foul words. Review each products you got from sample room. Wait for your review to be approved to redeem back your points plus sample room will give you additional points after( You can check their site for more info.). Once your review has been approved, you will immediately recieve again your points and try again other products using the same process.

Not enough points for the products you want? You need not to wait for a couple of reviews to grow your points. You can purchase a VIP for only 650 pesos for 1 thousand points so that you will be able to buy those products above 100 points or more. Some products on sample room are luxury products that needs more points. So if you wanted to try them. Go purchase the VIP. For more information on how sample room ph works, please do visit their Site at

Have a nice day!

Hazel Anne Perez |Style witch


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