BAD LAB! Your men will love.

I recently discovered about this products, well you know where, at
I saw these products and i know that i have to get them for my husband. My husband is not that vane. He only use products that i told him to use or products that can be bought easily at any supermarket or malls. He's not a try this and try that kind of person. He has a combination skin. A sensitive sense of smell, not using products with foul, off or too much scents. His hair is so thin but he is not that bothered about it, but i am. 
So i immediately checkout these products from Sample room ph. I was so surprise when it came. The packaging looks so good and so manly by the way. I opened the cap and i smelled right away that perfumed scent. I asked him right away to try it out. I gave him ten days to give his full thoughts about the products from Bad Lab.

Look how happy he is trying out the Bad Lab baby-faced assassin energizing facial cleanser. 
This facial cleanser aids in skin recovery, power-cleans dirt leaving your face refreshed and  revitalized. It has that manly appealing scent that men will love. It also has that hint of mint to keep your face cool and fresh.

Another product to love on Bad Lab is this Fearless soothing anti-dandruff shampoo.
Men are always stressed from home, school  and work. That's the time where dandruff strikes.
This shampoo cleanses hair while helping prevent dandruff. My husband also said that he experience zero hair fall which is a good thing because most of men's hair problem will be solved.

Bad Lab Lean, mean machine, Body sculpting shower gel has also the same scent as the shampoo. This shower gel cleanses the entire body without drying you skin. It will leave your skin super smooth and smelling fresh all day. But wait, not only you man will smell good but also your bathroom. 

Give your man a good bath treat and get this at Bad Lab!

Want to try this product before you buy one? Go visit! 

Have a nice day!

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  1. Ay bet lalo mahilig si hubby sa mga shower gel.. Perfect to pang Christmas gifts ❤


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